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Holistic Review Request

If you wish to request a holistic review of your application, you can do so using the form below. 

    Below is the form for the content of what you will be submitting to the Admissions Committee. Please be detailed in your 'plan for success'. Things like ‘I will try hard’ or ‘I really want to come to Tech’ are good thoughts but do not show the ‘how’ of your plan for success in an academic environment. Details of how a student will set aside time for study, organization of their class and work schedules, goals they have for each year here, etc. go a long way in showing they have a plan in place to succeed. 
     The review process is a non-competitive, holistic, and individualized process where the Review Committee may consider some or all of the following: academic rigor of courses, core course GPA, and grade trends; as well as non-cognitive elements such as an applicant’s concept of self, ability to deal with adversity, long-range goals, community involvement, special interests or abilities, leadership, and support structures.

     If you have any supporting documents you wish to submit (letters of recommendation or support), you may email them directly to

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