College of Agriculture & Human Ecology

Trent Smith

It is an incredible task to teach a student, especially students from diverse backgrounds, education levels, histories, and socioeconomic pretenses. At the School of Human Ecology at Tennessee Technological University, I was immediately engaged in the process of learning from incredibly qualified faculty in all areas of design through lens of history, studio, culture, textiles, and even economic development and how each influence a design's outcome.

Through a broad range of projects of varying scales and complexities, I was challenged and pushed to strive for excellence. This design process aptly prepared me for my next phase of education, a Masters in Architecture, and even to this day where I now teach at the School of Architecture at the University of Utah and work downtown Salt Lake City for a mid-sized architectural firm as the Lead in all Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects.

TTU and specifically the School of Human Ecology nurtured my ever-changing creative and academic pursuits in a optimistic and encouraging environment with small classroom size and very approachable faculty. I am indebted to the School for preparing me so well and helping to launch my success both in Tennessee and now in Utah.

Trent works for an architecture firm in downtown Salt Lake City, UT, and teaches at the School of Architecture at the University of Utah.