College of Agriculture & Human Ecology

Family and Consumer Sciences Education

What is Family and Consumer Sciences?

Family and Consumer Sciences Education prepares students for careers as FACS teachers in middle and high schools, as USDA Cooperative Extension Agents and for other human services profession. Licensure is available and required only for teaching professions.

How can I use a Family and Consumer Sciences Degree?

Students selecting this concentration may choose between two options: teaching licensure with a minor in education or non-licensure:

  • Licensure Options
    • Career Technical Education Family and Consumer Sciences teacher licensed grades 5-12
      • Middle School FACS teacher grades 5-12
      • High School FACS teacher grades 9-12
    • Occupational Family and Consumer Sciences teacher
      • Early Childhood Education and Careers grades 9-12
      • Food Production and Management (Culinary Arts) grades 9-12 Culinary
  • Non-licensure Options
    • Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent
    • Child and Family Social Worker
    • Child Care Provider/Director

Family and Consumer Sciences and Family Relations at TTU

Family and Consumer Sciences concentration provides a broad-based education in Human Ecology. Beyond teaching students how to plan and present content to learners, the program of study provides the student with:
  • content in human development,
  • family relationships,
  • parenting,
  • principles of nutrition and wellness,
  • food preparation and management,
  • personal and family finance,
  • textiles, clothing and apparel,
  • housing and space environments.

This broad-based content makes it an excellent foundation for graduate school in any area of Human Ecology.

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Photo of Dr. Melinda Swafford, advisor for Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Dr. Melinda Swafford


(931) 372-6157

Aly Brown, Brooke Dotson, and Kelsey Robinson planned and presented a holiday presentation for the FCE Family Community Extension club with the Putnam County Extension on November 18th, 2016.
Dr. Swafford, with granddaughter Sadie, Aly Brown, Brooke Dotson, and Kelsey Robinson.