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Why come to Friday Cafe? The price is right; the food is delicious; students receive invaluable experience. Students enrolled in the Quantity Food Production participate in every aspect of producing Friday Cafe meals, from planning menus to serving customers. It is difficult to say who looks forward to Friday Cafe the most--students or customers.

The goal of Friday Cafe is educational rather than for profit. Students assume the responsibilities under the guidance of faculty member, Melinda Anderson, Ph.D, RD.

The single meal cost this semester will be $7.00. Your reservation must be confirmed by making prepayment on the Wednesday prior to the Friday Cafe you wish to attend. Those who wish to ensure they get to enjoy every Friday Cafe meal make a semester-long reservation and pay for it up front. To make a reservation, please call Ms. Cindy Cobb at 931-372-3157.

MENUS and RESERVATION INFORMATION will be posted at the beginning of each semester. The students and Dr. Anderson welcome administrators, faculty, staff, students, and community to the Friday Cafe´.

Fall 2015 Friday Cafe Menus