College of Agriculture & Human Ecology

Merchandising Association

Who We Are

The Merchandising Association’s goal is to cultivate students’ experiences of Merchandising and Design through traveling, networking, and events production. Our association also provides leadership opportunities to members by participating in service projects and promotion activities related to the fashion and design field. We hope to encourage diversity, leadership and creativity for members to grow as innovative students and professionals.


  • President: McKenna Durand
  • Vice President: Nikki Hickman
  • Secretary: Ruby Salinas
  • Treasurer: Hannah Petty
  • Merchandising Exchange Coordinator: Gabriela Dominiguez and Victoria Stafford
  • Fashion Show Coordinator: Shivangi Patel
  • Public Relations : Autumn Kirby


The Merchandising Association meets every second Tuesday of the month during dead hour.

Students and faculty visiting Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills, California.

Audrianna Lyles and Teagan Montgomery representing the Merchandising Association at the Student Organization Fair Mix and Mingle.

Students and faculty touring the CNN headquarters in Atlanta, GA - January 2015.

Dr. Jewon Lyu, Audrianna Lyles, Teagan Montgomery and Rob Bond with President of Levi's Jeans, James Curleigh, at the National Retail Federation's Big Show in NYC in January 2015.