College of Agriculture & Human Ecology

Scholarships & Awards


TTU offers over 550 scholarships campus-wide. Scholarship application through ScholarWeb is required for all University scholarships and ensures that as a Human Ecology major, you are reviewed for all of the scholarships that the School of Human Ecology awards.

If you wish to review the eligibility criteria of the University scholarships awarded by the School of Human Ecology, simply use ScholarWeb and execute a Category Search by following the steps below.


Search Scholarships

Screenshot of site navigation for ScholarWeb web page.

Click Search Scholarships within the Site Navigation menu of ScholarWeb.


Category Search

Screenshot of search options for ScholarWeb web page.

Expand the Category Search by clicking on the + sign.


Choose Major

Screenshot of Major options for ScholarWeb web page.

Expand the Majors by clicking on the + sign. Specify Human Ecology as your major. Click Search.