College of Agriculture & Human Ecology

Advising 101

How to Prepare for your Academic Advising Appointment

What to bring to the appointment

  • Something to write with and on. (Bring a pen and paper. Do not try to take notes on your computer)
  • Information about the requirements for your intended major.
  • Ideas about which courses you may want to take next semester.

Be prepared to discuss

  • How your current semester and courses are going.  (Be Honest)
  • Any difficulties you may be having.
  • Your likes and dislikes.  (This may include your classes, interests, and hobbies)
  • Anything that may affect your course load. (Jobs, extracurricular activities, plans for the future, etc.)
  • Current feelings on your desired major.
  • Ideas about minors or other academic opportunities, such as study abroad or internships.
  • Any questions you may have about college.

What you will leave your appointment with

  • A clear understanding of what you should take next semester, and why those courses are recommended.
  • A clear understanding of the requirements for your major.
  • Information on referrals, if appropriate.  For example, if you say you are having trouble in math, your advisor may suggest visiting the Tutoring Center.
  • Answers to your questions.
  • Your advisor's name and contact information in case you have any questions or concerns after the appointment.