TTU ROTC Alumni Association invites you to join us!

Memberships available are outlined below, please check your eligibility and select from the click boxes below to join us.

Regular membership is available to all graduates or former attendees of TTU who:

1. Received a commission in the United States military forces through the ROTC Department at TTU;

2. Completed at least one ROTC class while enrolled at TTU; or

3. Participated in any ROTC extracurricular clubs or activities while enrolled at TTU (such as Pershing Rifles, Golden Nuggets, Capers, ROTC Band, Tech Rangers, etc.)

Associate membership is available to:

1. Spouses and/or children of a person who qualifies for the Regular membership;

2. Former or current ROTC Cadre members;

3. Other current or former TTU faculty or administrators who wish to support the TTU ROTC Department and its mission; or

4. Any other person interested in supporting the TTU ROTC Department and its mission.

For additional information or for any questions, please email us at