Scholarship Information

Army ROTC offers merit based 4, 3, and 2 year scholarships. Army ROTC scholarships will pay 100% of tuition & fees, or room & board; plus a yearly book allowance of $1200, and a monthly stipend of $300 as a freshman, up to $500 a month as a senior.

Note: All Cadets (non-scholarship/scholarship) receive the monthly ROTC stipend.

High School Juniors may apply for the scholarship the summer following the completion of their junior year. Beginning mid June, the scholarship window will remain open for applications until the 10th of January.

Graduating seniors failing to make the January 10th deadline may initiate a campus based application when they arrive on campus.

To learn more information or to get started on the application - go to Army ROTC, and click the "Scholarship" link.


YES - at TECH, a students in a STEM major, enrolling in ROTC, meeting the HOPE scholarship requirements, plus ROTC eligibility requirements, may apply for and obtain a STEM supplement that will cover the delta in tuition not covered by the Hope scholarship. The university STEM supplement is renewable up to 60 hours. For out of state students, the STEM award will cover out of state fees, allowing an out of state students responsible for tuition at the in-state rates.

Additionally, a student meeting the ROTC eligibility requirements, and enrolled int he ROTC program may apply for a Housing scholarship that will offset in part some of their housing costs.

NOTE: The STEM supplement, as well as the Housing scholarship, does not obligate the student to serve or commit to serve - both are enrollment & retention incentives to enroll and complete the ROTC program.