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Complete the Objective Form

Completing the Objectives Selection Form is as easy as going to your Faculty Dashboard and then completing a form for each course. For the first time around, it might be helpful to have handy the student learning outcomes you have selected in the past, but you will also notice that IDEA has updated and improved the objectives so that there are now 13 from which to choose.  Be sure to re-consider your objectives in light of these new options.  If you fail to complete the form, every student learning outcome will be selected as "Important," and your scores will likely be lower than if you took the time to complete the form.

As always, faculty should be able to answer 3 questions in the affirmative before selecting an objective as important or essential.

1. Is this objective a significant part of my course curriculum?

2. Do I give students opportunities to receive feedback and demonstrate growth (e.g., multiple opportunities to get better)?

3. Is accomplishment of the objective important enough to contribute to their final grade?

If the answer to all 3 questions is yes, select an objective as important; if an objective is so critical to the curriculum that the learning process has failed were students not able to achieve it, select the objective as essential.

 Below are some helpful resources from The IDEA Center on selecting objectives.

1. Selecting Learning Objectives

2. Some Thoughts on Selecting IDEA Objectives

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