Established in 2016, the BRIDGES Early Intervention Resource Agency was created to help support families, caregivers, and children with special needs from birth to age three.

  • The agency works with the Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS), a division of the Tennessee Department of Education, and serves counties in the Upper Cumberland region.
  • Our program provides home-based developmental therapy to children who have a diagnosed disability or have a developmental delay.
  • Our staff visit homes to work with children with disabilities.
  • The staff members help coach the families and model ways to interact with their child in order to improve their child’s development.

Receiving Home-Based Developmental Therapy Assistance

Visit the TEIS Website or call TEIS @ 1-800-852-7157

  • A referral must be made to TEIS. Anyone may make the referral, just call the toll-free number above.
  • TEIS will arrange an evaluation to help determine if the child is eligible.
  • If the child is eligible, TEIS will assign a Service Coordinator to the family.
    • The Service Coordinator will help the family decide on the first set of goals and arrange Developmental Therapy if needed.
  • If the family and Service Coordinator decide that Developmental Therapy is needed, the coordinator will contact the appropriate assistance program.
  • Once a Service Coordinator contacts BRIDGES, we will assign a Developmental Therapist to the family and the therapist will contact the family to arrange the first visit.