Billing Reminders

Monthly Student Account Billings

The Bursar's Office issues monthly e-billings for student accounts having an outstanding balance. The billing system will send an email notice to your TTU email address notifying you to review your account and take appropriate action to clear your account.

View you current Student Account Bill now on Eagle Pay.


Billing Address

The billing system recognizes only your TTU email address; therefore, it is very important to routinely review your TTU email. Within the billing system, you may designate an alternate email address for your billing notices. (Note this is not the same as setting a priority email within Banner Student.) In addition, you may designate the email address of any third parties -- such as your parents -- to whom you would like your e-billings sent. This will permit these third parties access to your account and enable them to make payments on your behalf.

NOTE: The Business Office no longer issues printed billings. Access your student account via Eagle Online, review the activity on your account, and determine an up-to-date balance due.

Last edited 2016.06.30 by Ian Fitz.