Student Organizations and Opportunities

The Department of Accounting offers several opportunities for students to gain leadership experience and to begin building their professional network.

Beta Alpha Psi

Advisor: Dr. Dan Fesler
Beta Alpha Psi is the Honor Society for Financial Information Professionals. Membership requires a minimum GPA of 3.0, an initial national life-time membership fee, and very modest annual chapter dues. The Zeta Phi Chapter at Tennessee Tech has been named a National Superior Chapter for many years, and is very active in the profession and the local community. Annual activities include the annual Meet-the-Firms Night, 5K Glow Run, and the Annual Spring Bean Counters' Scramble.

Accounting Club

Advisor: Ms. Leigh Waggoner
Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in accounting are welcome to attend meetings and become members with the payment of $7 dues. The organization promotes managerial accounting, internal auditing, and governmental accounting and sponsors one to two social events annually. Notices concerning meetings are posted throughout Johnson Hall at the beginning of each semester.

Student Center for Public Trust

Advisor: Dr. Steve Garner
Established in 2018, the SCPT is a student chapter of the National Center for Public Trust, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.  The organization is focused on helping students to develop a solid foundation for ethical decision making in a professional work environment.  Membership is open to any TTU student.  They group typically meets every other week during the semester.

Internship Experiences

Internship Coordinator: Dr. Dan Fesler
Internships have become an increasingly important part of the transition from the classroom to the workforce. Many students even obtain their first job offers through their internship experiences. While the Department of Accounting does not offer internships, or directly place students, we do work closely with our stakeholders to bring together those students wishing to secure an internship with firms who are looking for interns.

Students completing an internship can also receive 3 hours of course credit for Accounting 4800, if they have met the established criteria:

- The student must work 400 hours on the job.
-Tennessee Tech Accounting interns must be paid (no credit is given for unpaid internships).
- The internship must qualify as a learning experience.
-The must be a professional (preferably a professional accountant) at the intern's employer who can teach/train the intern.
- The student must prepare a paper at the conclusion of the internship (12-15 pages).
- The student must complete an internship application prior to the beginning of the internship. The internship application can be obtained from Dr. Fesler.
- Student must complete an exit questionnaire at the end of the internship.


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