Dual Degree with FH Aachen

The College of Business has a dual degree program with F. H. Aachen University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Our students complete the first two years of study at Tennessee Tech, then spend their Junior year at Aachen University in Aachen, Germany, taking business classes in either English or German. They return to Tennessee Tech for their final year of study. Upon graduation, the students receive degrees from both Tennessee Tech and FH Aachen. Students from FH Aachen spend a year at Tech, and have similar requirements.

"Aachen is beautiful. It's a small town (by German standards), but the inner city-- complete with cobblestone streets and a medieval cathedral -- is stunning. In fact, Aachen Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site; construction on the inner structure of the building began in the year 796. Around thirty German kings were crowned in the cathedral as well. The city is simply drowning in history, so I would recommend studying here to history students as well as business students.

Aachen is also a student city; about one in five residents here are university students. Pontstraße is a street that's lined with dozens of restaurants and pubs where students meet to socialize. Aachen is also an international city; I've become friends with students from Ireland, Italy, France, Taiwan, Mexico, Spain, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, Hungary, and China. We're also centrally located in Europe here. By bus, one can be at the Dutch border or the Belgian border in about twenty minutes. I've already visited Düsseldorf here in Germany and Maastricht in the Netherlands. I'm going to visit Brussels, Belgium tomorrow, and I'm very excited. I'm also using lots of German, and I'm even getting to use some French! My business classes are all in English, so students who haven't taken a foreign language don't need to be scared to study here. " - Mark Wilson, current student

TN Tech FH Aachen Dual Degree Agreement

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Photo of Aachen
Photo of Aachen

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