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The Convergence of Business and Agricultural Megatrends

The agricultural industry is a vital and dynamic part of the economy and the fabric of many countries’ competitive edge and societal stability. The convergence of social, technological, consumer, environmental, and economic changes at an accelerated pace will create headwinds and opportunities for the industry.

A quick fall briefing of the state of the domestic and global economy in 2023 and beyond will be followed by a futuristic look at one of the leading engines of the economy. How will the mega forces of bio-engineering and big data align to shape strategies of agriculture producers, agribusinesses, the future workforce, and educational programs? Dr. Kohl’s extensive engagement with thought leaders and key industry players will provide insight for critical thinking amongst attendees.

Dr. David Kohl

Dr. David Kohl is Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Finance and Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va. He taught in the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department for 25 years. Dr. Kohl currently energizes agricultural lenders, producers and businesspeople with his keen insight into the agricultural industry gained through extensive travel, research and exposure during his career. He has traveled over 8 million miles in his career and conducted more than 6,000 workshops and seminars for agricultural audiences. He has published more than 1,300 articles and writes for many leading publications. Dr. Kohl's personal involvement with agriculture and interaction with key industry players provide a unique perspective into future trends of the agricultural industry and economy.


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