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Master's of Business Administration

Learning Goals and Objectives

Learning Goal 1

Students will possess a broad integrative knowledge of business disciplines.

Learning Objective 1.1: Students will demonstrate ability to integrate knowledge of core business disciplines.

Learning Goal 2

Students will consider ethical dimensions in decision-making.

Learning Objective 2.1: Students will demonstrate awareness of ethical implications of business decisions.

Learning Goal 3

Students will possess the necessary knowledge and skills to perform in a professional environment.

Learning Objective 3.1: Students will demonstrate proficiency in written and oral communication skills. 

Learning Objective 3.2: Students will be able to make appropriate choices regarding communication strategy, medium, and design.

Learning Goal 4

Students will demonstrate the ability to think critically in addressing business problems.

Learning Objective 4.1: Students will demonstrate ability for problem solving and analytical decision making. 

Learning Goal 5

Students will demonstrate an understanding of leadership skills and the ability to influence others.

Learning Objective 5.1: Students will be able to identify effective leadership skills required in diverse situations.

Learning Objective 5.2: Students will be able to demonstrate leadership skills required in diverse situations.

Learning Objective 5.3: Students will demonstrate teamwork skills that enhance individual and team processes.

The details of the assessment results for all the learning objectives for the BSBA and MBA programs and the improvements that were driven by those results, are given in the Institutional Effectiveness (IE) reports. These reports are available at Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments

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