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The Tennessee Tech College of Business offers graduate programs and certificates tailored to meet the evolving demands of the nation’s top industries.


In today’s market, differentiating oneself among a plethora of potential candidates is imperative to landing the perfect job—and it all begins with gaining a foundational and specialized education.

As Kate Nicewicz, director of graduate programs for the Tennessee Tech College of Business, attests, people are searching for ways to fine tune their skillsets to better fit the changing business landscape. “In the last five years, the College of Business has grown from offering one graduate degree, an MBA, to offering five different graduate programs, including a Master’s of Accountancy [MAcc] and three graduate certificates,” she says on the expansion of the program to meet students’ unique career needs. “Our programs allow students to immerse themselves in academic content, engage with experts, and become leaders in their chosen industries.”

Leading-Edge Graduate Certificates

Accredited by the AACSB, the College of Business’ graduate certificates—Cyber Management and Analytics, Banking and Financial Services, and Health Care Informatics (offered in collaboration with the College of Interdisciplinary Studies) —offer an easy way for students earning an MBA to specialize their professional interests. 

“Big data is available in abundance and, when interpreted, utilized, and secured properly, represents a major competitive advantage for firms,” Nicewicz explains. The Cyber Management and Analytics certificate is a response to the growing demand for skilled employees who understand the value of big data, and gives students a more comprehensive knowledge of managing and securing networks and databases, a specialty applicable to any industry. 

The Banking and Financial Services Certificates offers students an opportunity to expand their existing banking knowledge and attend courses covering cyber security management, services marketing, financial statement analysis, and advanced business analytics, among other topics.

Lastly, the collaborative Health Care Informatics certificate addresses the problem of interoperability in the health care industry, an issue that is particularly relevant in the current health care climate. “Our goal is to address the issue by bringing people of different health care sectors together to solve problems and discuss current issues,” says Nicewicz.  

All three of the graduate certificates include credit hours that count toward earning an MBA, saving students time and money. The versatility of the certificates, in subject matter and completion time, is beneficial for those whose careers may change down the line or who need to switch between full- and part-time course loads to accommodate fluctuating work schedules. “Our program allows for that flexibility because it’s designed to work for our students,” Nicewicz says.

Unstoppable Growth

The College of Business has seen an increase in enrollment for students eager to expand their education. With each of its programs – the MBA, MAcc, and graduate certificates -- being offered 100% online, the university has solidified itself as a front-runner in supplying industries with specialized, skilled employees. 

“We have the foresight to see the need for high-tech innovations in the workplace, and we have the creativity to use those innovations to benefit our students,” Nicewicz says. “Tennessee Tech’s College of Business is committed to ensuring that our community and employers are getting the skillsets they need to be contributors to their industries.” 


Kate Nicewicz professional portrait

Kate Nicewicz
Director of Graduate Programs
Tennessee Tech College of Business

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