About Hybrid MBA

The industry-immersed MBA option was designed specifically with working professionals in mind. The goal of the program is to provide students with fundamental graduate level business education that will supplement their current acumen and allow them to become more effective industry leaders.

Participants in the industry-immersed MBA program will move through the curriculum as a member of a team of professionals who all work within a common industry. This “industry immersion,” coupled with a team-like atmosphere, allows for industry networking, career opportunities, and collaboration on projects over the course of the entire MBA program.

In just five semesters, the team will complete seven foundational business courses and three elective courses with industry applications. Students will be guided through the program in a lock-step fashion, completing the entire MBA in just a year and a half.

Cohort Model

While the majority of the course content will be delivered online, the program will be supplemented by a series of “Super Days,” which will be held in Nashville and will represent the hybrid component for the program. This hybrid educational option allows for the interaction between faculty members and students, the possibility of seminar sessions, industry keynote speakers, and in-person review and application of concepts.

Super Day Venue

redpepper - "One of Nashville’s most vibrant creative spaces where minds expand, possibilities shed their bounds, and experiences are richer. We believe we're all products of our environment. That belief drove us to design every last square inch of this space intentionally, so each piece — down to the very last coffee bean — has its purpose." The design of the hybrid, industry immersed MBA allows the Tennessee Tech College of Business to better serve a variety of industries by providing fundamental business knowledge through a tailored curriculum.

Current Cohorts

Healthcare – start date fall 2017
Healthcare - start date fall 2018

Past Cohorts


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