Healthcare Colleagues

Benefit from a team setting, as you progress through a program tailored to the needs of your industry. Immerse yourself in monthly residencies focused on review, application and building professional connections.

Take advantage of the opportunity to draw on the knowledge of between 20 – 30 industry professionals on your team. All team members will have professional work experience in varied fields within the focused industry, and will work together to identify how fundamental business knowledge can enhance contributions to healthcare.

Nashville skylineResearch shows that the value of “face time” in education is paramount, not only between instructors and students, but also between peers. Enjoy spending select weekends in the thriving city of Nashville with your team, focusing primarily on making professional connections and building your network. When weekend sessions are over, feel free to take in some live music downtown, dine in one of the many unique local restaurants, or catch a Titans game on a Sunday afternoon. logo
Hybrid MBA versus Online MBA: When and Why to Pay for Face Time

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