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International Business and Cultures Curriculum

The International Business and Cultures (IBAC) major, initiated in the fall of 1998, is a unique program offering a joint B.S. degree in the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Business. The mission of this four-year program is to prepare our students for careers in international business. Students in this program prepare for their careers through the study of foreign languages and cultures combined with a concentration in international business. American students in Track 1 of this program study a foreign language and culture combined with a concentration in international business. International students in Track 2 of this program study English as a second language (if necessary), American culture, and a cluster of courses in American and international business. For students in both tracks, the program offers experiences beyond the classroom in the form of study abroad and/or internships in international business, governmental, or nongovernmental agencies.

In order to gain sufficient fluency in a foreign language and to become thoroughly familiar with a foreign culture and business practices, Track 1 majors have the option of studying abroad or completing an internship in a Spanish-, French-, or German-speaking country. Majors who have already lived in a foreign country and are already fluent in a foreign language may do a domestic internship with a local business which engages in foreign commerce. In order to enhance their understanding of American culture and business practices, international students are required to complete an internship with an American business, governmental, or nongovernmental agency.

The program is administered by the International Business and Cultures Executive Committee which is headed by two Co-Directors representing the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Business.

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