Student Organizations and Opportunities

Currently, there exists numerous opportunities for students to acquire additional language skills and broaden their understanding of business practices in foreign countries through study abroad programs and/or internships with business. Either of these avenues would be appropriate for satisfying the practicum requirement in the IBAC major. Ideally, the practicum requirement is met by obtaining an internship that would involve work and travel in a country whose dominant language is in your specialization. However, due to difficulties in obtaining this type of internship other types will be considered for satisfying this particular requirement.

American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS)

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

Magellan Exchange Program

The Magellan Exchange Program is a consortium of schools of business in the United States and several European countries that provide students the opportunity to study abroad. Currently, the program has 10 member schools in the United States and 8 members in Europe.



For those students wishing to satisfy the practicum requirement by undertaking an internship, many options are available. Ideally, the student would arrange with an American company to work in their international division and perform duties that would build on both the individual's language and business knowledge. The student may be located either in the United States or abroad depending on the arrangement. All internship proposals must be approved by the World Cultures & Business Executive Committee prior to the start date of the internship.

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