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30 top leaders from Tennessee high schools particiapte in Governor's School for IT LeadershipThe College of Business offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree that is structured on a firm base of general education courses, a core area of business studies, and an area of specialization.

All students who are interested in earning the BSBA start as Basic Business majors, and they will complete General Education courses (communications, math, science, American history, humanities) and core business courses (accounting, economics, decision sciences). When the 60-credit hours of the Basic Business curriculum are completed with a minimum 2.0 GPA, students may be admitted to their chosen upper-division major.

In the degree, the College seeks to:

  • Develop an analytical approach to sound business decisions.
  • Develop understanding and appreciation of the social, ethical, legal, political, and economic environment of business.
  • Promote appreciation of the civic and social obligations of business managers.
  • Develop understanding and appreciation of business in its international context.
  • Equip students to respond to the demands of business in a changing technological environment.
  • Create a professional attitude and provide the foundation for professional competence in a chosen career specialization.


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Julie Galloway
Director, College of Business Student Success Center
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Advisement & Student Success

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Our advisors are always willing and able to help; we will walk you through each step.


The college of business has programs and activities dedicated to preparing each student for both interviews and a professional career after college. We help with everything from resume creation, to networking skills,to making sure each student has the proper attire for every business setting.

Financial Aid

The college of business has many opportunities for students to receive financial aid; in fact, there are scholarships offered exclusively to business students. We know that a college education is an investment , but as proven by our graduates, one that yields a high return. We also believe that there is value in being at a University for all four years; the networking and involvement in various programs make for a different experience for our freshmen. Our college prides itself on small class sizes and personalized attention to students.


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