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The W. E. Mayberry Chair of Excellence was conceived in 1989 and created at the College of Business Administration, Tennessee Technological University in the 1993-1994 academic year. Its purpose is to increase awareness and enhance development of quality and quality-related practices in business and education on a local, state, and national level. This is achieved by conducting and disseminating research, implementing quality-related projects and activities, conducting workshops for practitioners, and instructing students in undergraduate and graduate classes. The Mayberry team consisting of chair-holder Curt W. Reimann, Dean Robert R. Bell, Mayberry Faculty Associate R. Nat Natarajan, and Mayberry Graduate Assistants, Danny Cooper and Brent Palk, has been working hard toward this mission. In pursuit of this mission, we have completed the following activities in 1998-1999:

  • The Mayberry Board conducted its annual meeting on October 27, 1998. On that occasion, Board members participated in the annual Mayberry Symposium on “Leadership and Careers in Y2K and Beyond” with Dr. Reimann serving as the moderator. A large number of graduate and undergraduate students attended this event and benefited from the discussion and experience sharing by the Board. (see report in this newsletter)
  • The Mayberry lecture series was inaugurated. Professor James Evans of the University of Cincinnati delivered the first Mayberry lecture on March 23, 1999. His talk on creative thinking and problem-solving in the Johnson Hall Auditorium was well attended by students and faculty (see report in this newsletter). During his visit he also conducted a faculty development workshop.
  • In March 1999, Dr. Reimann, Dean Bell and the Mayberry Graduate Assistants visited the Y12 plant in Oak Ridge where Dr. Reimann gave a presentation on quality and the basic framework and goals of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
  • In March 1999, Dr. Reimann conducted a workshop on Performance Excellence in Education for Putnam County school principals and administrators.
  • In October 1998, Dr. Reimann made a presentation to the Nashville chapter of American Society for Quality.
  • In October 1998, Dr. Reimann and Dean Bell conducted a workshop titled “Global Competitiveness: Role of the Baldrige National Award” for the Global Competitiveness Council in Nashville.
  • In October 1998, Dr. Reimann participated in a panel discussion on Total Quality Management organized by the Upper Cumberland Chapter of APICS, the Educational Society for Resource Management.
  • Dean Bell interviewed Dr. Reimann concerning the history of the quality movement, the Baldrige award, his interaction with other quality leaders and his thoughts on key quality and performance excellence issues (see report in this newsletter).
  • Former Mayberry graduate assistants Brian Bowman and Cass Larson have graduated and become the first Mayberry Alumni. Brent Palk and Danny Cooper are the new graduate assistants.
  • Mayberry Graduate Assistants, Brent Palk and Danny Cooper have been accepted to serve on the TQA board of examiners for 1999.
  • Dr. Reimann and Dean Bell team-taught MBA elective class on quality and productivity in Spring 1999 and Dr. Reimann makes presentations to several other classes during his visits in Fall and Spring.
  • Several Mayberry Board members have visited and lectured in classes in the College of Business Administration, Tennessee Technological University.
  • Maintained websites for the Mayberry Chair and The Tennessee Quality Award.
  • Dean Bell serves on panel of judges and board of directors for TQA and he continues to serve as an examiner for the Baldrige Award. Dr. Nat Natarajan serves on the board of examiners for TQA.
  • Article by Dean Bell and Bernie Keys, “Interview with Curt Reimann” was published in the Summer 1998 Volume of Organizational Dynamics.
  • Published the Mayberry Chair Newsletter.
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