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The purpose of the M.B.A degree is to offer a professional program preparing graduate students from diverse backgrounds for rewarding careers in organizations. The core area of business studies is broad in scope for the purpose of developing general managerial competence through extensive use of various pedagogies such as case methods, simulations, and research projects. Electives are used to develop special competencies of interest to the student. In the degree, the College seeks to:

  • Provide a high level of confidence that will allow the student to cope with uncertainty, communicate effectively, and to make decisions in an increasingly complex and global business environment.
  • Provide an awareness and appreciation of the legal, ethical, social, political, and economic environments of business.
  • Provide essential competence in administration, as well as an understanding of the administrative process.
  • Develop a high level of skill in problem analysis and decision making.
  • Provide sufficient competence for making positive contributions to one of the functional areas of a business firm through changing technology within the business context.

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Employer Information

The MBA program at Tennessee Tech University includes a practical and an interactive student learning approach. The interactive teaching methods encompass cases, competitive computer simulation, field research, experimentation, applied problem solving, team building exercises, cross-functional activities, scenario planning, business mentoring, workshops, field trips, role playing, primary data collection, feasibility projects, and/or consulting assignments. All of this is designed to make your employees better equipped for the workplace. Enriching the knowledge of employees through education and real-world practice will allow them to be more effective in any company.

The MBA program provides a sound business theoretical foundation–including the latest and most progressive intellectual thinking. Moreover, the theories and tools are applied so as to be relevant to current and futuristic business applications. The program is designed to serve both short-term and long-term needs of all types of private and public organizations. The MBA program recognizes the impact of our global economy, the entrepreneurial demands of society and ethical expectations. In essence, it takes a normative approach that will serve all of your employees. Bringing an enhanced level of knowledge and understanding of multiple business disciplines will improve workplace and customer relations. The Tennessee Tech MBA program is seeking new relationships with employers, where employees can go through the MBA program together and share the experience.

If you or your employees are interested in furthering their professional careers by obtaining an MBA from Tennessee Tech, contact us today about setting up an informational meeting or requesting materials.


Study Abroad

The MBA Student Association is a student led body whose purpose is to provide educational, social, and career advancement outlets for MBA students. Its secondary function is to act as a social body formed by MBA students of all levels and business faculty. The MBA Roundtable lectures are given by local entrepreneurs, business people and faculty.

MBA students have the opportunity to participate in MBA Programs in Belgium, Netherlands, or France with students from around the world. They are taking business courses and learning about European culture.

The study abroad experience forever changes views about other cultures and increases interest in working in a business environment that is more diverse or global. The challenge of living abroad increases self confidence.

Of his experience, Austin Hundley said, “It's refreshing. It renews you. It breaks your routines and habits and forces you to change how you act, work, see things, and live.” Justin Banks adds, “The more cultures you're exposed to, the greater empathy and awareness you have to other people and their needs."

TTU is a part of The Network of International Business Schools (NIBS), a group of business schools from around the world that have recognized that contemporary business education is incomplete without a strong international component. NIBS consists of more than 55 business schools from 18 countries. Members of NIBS allow credit transfers, place a high value on collaboration, and encourage participation in faculty and student exchanges, and joint teaching and research programs.

To learn more about study abroad opportunities, visit www.tntech.edu/studyabroad

Distinguished Lecturers

The Distinguished Lecture Series Program provides students and faculty with an opportunity to interact with prominent executives for an open exchange of views on current issues. Through this vital program, executives are brought into the classroom to offer students first-hand information about the complexities of the business world, while inspiring them to seek new ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Professional Development

Student 2 CareerThe College of Business Student to Career Program provides professional development opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

The program provides one-on-one consultation and assistance with resume, interview prep and follow up, professional dress, and networking. Student to Career facilitates annual programs such as Ticket 2 Ride (T2R), Nashville Career Fair Trip, Etiquette Dinner (EQ Dinner), Professional Development Week (PDW). The Business Professional Clothes Closet runs out of this program and we facilitate student involvement and registration for the COBBOT Foundation Dinner, Meet the Firms, Distinguished Lecture Series and other professional events.

You can learn more about this program by visiting their website at www.cobstudentsuccess.com

Learning Goals & Objectives

Goal 1 - Students will possess a broad integrative knowledge of business disciplines.

  • Objective 1.1 - Students will demonstrate ability to integrate knowledge of core business disciplines.

Goal 2 - Students will consider ethical dimensions in decision-making.

  • Objective 2.1 - Students will demonstrate awareness of ethical implications of business decisions.

Goal 3 - Students will possess the necessary knowledge and skills to perform in a professional environment.

  • Objective 3.1 - Students will demonstrate proficiency in written and oral communication skills.

Goal 4 - Students will demonstrate the ability to think critically in addressing business problems.

  • Objective 4.1 - Students will demonstrate ability for problem solving and decision making.

Goal 5 - Students will demonstrate an understanding of leadership skills and the ability to influence others.

  • Objective 5.1 - Students will be able to identify effective leadership skills required in diverse situations.
  • Objective 5.2 - Students will be able to demonstrate leadership skills required in diverse situations.

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