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Our goal is to provide you with valuable, necessary resources to be successful in your internship experience through three key divisions:

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Whether you are exploring internship opportunities, engaging in your current internship, or seeking to elevate after your internship experience, you are in the right place!  Through FAQs, student comments, and employer tips, you are sure to find the information you are looking for.

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Student Experiences:

April Bryant - Marketing

April BryantApril Bryant - High-Level Marketing

What do you learn from this internship experience?

"High-Level Marketing has taught me plenty of things that are vital to know going into the marketing industry. As a Search Engine Optimizing intern, I learned how to navigate programs that are important to understand as a marketer. I was able to experience a new type of work environment and how working in teams in the real world functions. It was amazing exploring the different ways that a website can efficiently optimize in order to promote a business."

What skills did you obtain from this internship?

"With this internship opportunity, I was able to get my Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and Google My Business certifications. Along with these certifications, I learned how to get businesses to organically rank at the top of Google Search by optimizing their website or Google My Business. The responsibilities assigned to me furthered my skills in stepping up to a challenge, being inquisitive, and creative. "

Dalten Hopson - Accounting

Dalten Hopsen   DaltenHopsenTestimonial


Where did you learn about this internship?

"I first encountered Elliott Davis when a university recruiter was invited to a professional meeting with Beta Alpha Psi. Following the initial encounter, I remained interested in further opportunities with the firm. After the promotion of the event at Accounting Pathways, I applied for attendance to the leadership conference hosted by Elliott Davis in the summer. Finally, after the conference in May, I applied for a tax busy season internship and was offered the position in August. "

What skills did you obtain from this internship?

"I’ve learned many technical aspects of preparing tax returns, but I will bring much more back to Cookeville this fall. The hands-on experience will help me advise students struggling with the transition from student to career. Because of the internship, I can articulate even more differences between the study and practice of accounting. Also, the legitimate application of knowledge will benefit with the conceptual topics covered in the classroom setting."


Elizabeth Willmore - Accounting

Elizabeth Willmore - Internship Experience     Overall, I personally enjoyed my time with Elliott Davis. I was still able to gain an understanding of what it was like to work for them and transition with them during a crazy season of life. I am currently planning to intern with them this summer in person.  





Where did you learn about this internship? 

"I learned about Elliott Davis' Internship Program during the accounting department's pathway night. It was there I learned about the firm's leadership conference (which I attended and where they offered the internship)."

What skills do you obtain from this internship? 

"During my two weeks, online last summer I was able to learn a lot from Elliott Davis. They introduced me to the company, employees, and fellow interns. They were able to put me in direct communication with people in areas of the firm I was most interested in. There I was able to ask questions, shadow using screen sharing, and learn about specific topics. I personally was able to grow my skills in using online formats of communication, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and their company app. With the internship being completely virtual, it forced me out of my box on how to be present and engaged throughout my time there. "

Sydney Walls - Marketing

Sydney Walls - Internship Experience I worked for South by Sea, a custom apparel company, last semester. Through this internship, I had to build connections on and off-campus to create custom merchandise for their organization, ensuring their design was perfect and have it sent to them promptly. Their corporate offices are located in Washington, so our weekly meetings and check-ins were all over zoom, which worked out perfectly during these times we are in right now.






Where did you learn about this internship? 

"I learned about this internship because I am my sorority’s t-shirt chair, so I was signed up for South by Sea’s email and saw they were looking for interns and immediately applied!"

What skills do you obtain from this internship? 

"I obtained many skills through this internship, such as sales, marketing, design, and networking. Working for South by Sea was a great experience and will prepare me for my future in marketing."

Taylor Anderson - Accounting

Taylor Anderson- Internship ExperienceOver the summer of 2020, I was an audit intern at Pughs CPAs. During my time there I was not treated like the typical go make copies and make coffee runs intern. I was an intern doing typical first-year staff tasks. I worked on about seven different clients ranging from compilations, reviews, and audits. I was able to get a sense of what it would look like if I were to work at a CPA firm after graduation. I enjoyed my time at Pugh and learned so much valuable information that I will be able to carry on with me throughout my career. It also showed me that I want to continue my education so I can receive my CPA license and continue to work in audit.

Where did you learn about this internship? 

"I learned about this internship through the event on campus called Meet the Firms. Meet the Firms is an event for accounting students to meet and talk with CPA firms across the state about summer leadership conferences, internships, and jobs after graduation."

What skills do you obtain from this internship? 

"I learned a variety of skills during my time at Pugh CPAs. I was able to learn how to complete work papers for audits. I learned how to work through different problems that arise through working with different clients. I was able to apply concepts I learned inside the classroom to real-world work."

Zachary Plattner - Accounting

Zachary Plattner - Internship ExperienceI was able to get an internship at Community Health Systems, a hospital accounting company that manages nearly 100 hospitals across the country. During my time there, I worked closely with the VP of finance and CFOs from 18 hospitals to  delve deeper into the telecommunication expenditures.  Working so closely with the upper leadership was an incredible experience to open my eyes to the thought process behind  managerial decision making and supervision.






Where did you learn about this internship? 

"I learned about this internship through personal contact. I met with my head supervisor during the duration of the internship while coming back from attending a TSCPA meeting."

What skills do you obtain from this internship? 

"The hard skills that I gained the most improvement in were the practical application of excel skills, navigation of a company's general ledger, and invoicing. The soft skills that I obtained were confidence while interacting with upper-level management, communication both oral and written, and the skills necessary to self-start on projects and take the next steps. "

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