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Jesse E. Owen Chair of Excellence - Dr. Tor Guimaraes

The J.E. Owen Chair is dedicated to the discovery and validation of new knowledge regarding the use and management of new technology, particularly information technology, in a wide variety of areas including manufacturing, health care, and financial services. The many research projects the Owen Chair has undertaken in the past and present are in partnership with many leading companies, universities, and research centers throughout the world. The research reports since 1991 have been categorized into four not mutually exclusive categories: Emerging Technologies, System Management, IT Human Resources and Strategic Management.

Research Partners:

Australia-A. Koronius

Belgium-T. Taillieu

Brazil-M. Caccia-Bava, L. Matheus, E. Merlo, M. Nagano, J. Neto, E. Riccio, G. Madeira

Canada-Y. Gupta, J. McKeen, D.S. Staples

China-H. Shen, J. Shao

England-A. Brown

Finland-M. Rwohonen, T. Auer

Italy-M. Tagliavini, J. Moro, A. Ravarini, F. Pigni

Japan-H. Kitanaka, O. Sato, K. Takeuchi

Portugal-A. Serrano, G. Putnik, M. Cunha

Sweden-N. Martensson, J. Stahre

USA-P. Aiken, C. Armstrong, K. Ashburn, K. Bagchi, B. Bell, K. Benameur, W. Bond, M. Boshart, B. Brandon, B. Broome,A. Brown, M. Campbell, A. Clevenson, D. Cook, M. Cowan, P. Dallow, D. Davis, C. Farrell, J. Froisland, J. George, L. Grevenow, Y. Gupta, A. Haider, S. Harrington, R. Heath, S. Henry, J. Henshall, E. Hostler, B. Howard, M. Igbaria, M. Janson,B. Jones, P. Kerklo, C. Kim, G. Klir, K. Langley, K. Liska,M. Lu, R. Marston, N. McCoy, C. Miller, J. Narus, N. Natarajan, Q. O'Neal, W. Paxton, G. Pickett, P. Pothier, T.S. Raghunathan, V. Ramanujam, S. Russell, R. Santhanam, J. Saraph, B. Schwieger, R. Sebastian, S. Seshadri, R. Singh, J. Song, J. Stefaniak, G. Swales, W. Truszkowski, G. Udo, R. Weinberg, D. Weinrauch, F.S. Wells, J. Wetherbe, V. Yoon

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