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Our Mission

To provide programming that enhances the academic and social elements of our students' college experience as they transition from business students to business professionals.

What is Student To Career?

In 2004, the College of Business surveyed employers and alumni, wanting to know how well we were doing preparing our students for their career fields. The answers were mostly positive –Tennessee Tech’s business graduates were academically well-prepared and ready to be effective in their fields. What we weren't doing was emphasizing those necessary professional skills that are expected in business settings. We needed to better prepare our students to transition from being a college student to a business professional. With that in mind, the Student to Career Program was born.

Built on a tradition of personal service, the Student to Career Program has assisted hundreds of students each year with resume preparation, interview practice, business etiquette and professional dress; developing networking and leadership skills, and encouraging personal empowerment as our students strive toward their professional goals. Each year, business students look forward to the series of workshops, guest speakers and unique opportunities, as well as several annual events.

In 2005, we started our first annual event called “Ticket to Ride”,  a series of workshops to prepare our students for the Nashville Career Fair. In 2008, we opened the doors of the College of Business Professional Clothes Closet, making professional clothing available to students to borrow for job interviews, career fairs, and other business events. In 2009, we added Professional Development Week and the Etiquette Dinner. These events allow our students to meet and spend time with business professionals from all walks of life – entrepreneurs, managers, financial professionals, executives, to name just a few general areas.

For Clay Wesley, Associate Director, and his staff, the goal of Student to Career program has remained the same through its 10+ year history - to provide programming that enhances the academic and social elements of our students’ college experiences as they transition from business students to business professionals.

Nothing in our program is required, or completed for a grade. Everything we offer is available to every business student regardless of year or field of study. Jump in and get polished, prepared and practice so you can join the growing legions of business professionals that have taken advantage of every resource available. We have our own website for your convenience. From the site, you can make an appointment see Clay, sign up for an event, utilize our resources and make an appointment to utilize or donate to the professional closet all from our site, just click here:

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