Where do I begin?

All students with an interest in business are advised by our award-winning Student Success Center. During your first year, you affiliate as a freshman with the College, and at the end of your sophomore year you select a major. During your junior and senior years, you will be advised by a faculty member in your chosen major.

The College offers a B.S.B.A. degree that is structured on a firm base of general education courses, a core area of business studies, and an area of specialization. We seek to prepare students from culturally diverse backgrounds for careers in business. In the degree, the College seeks to:

  • Develop an analytical approach to sound business decisions.
  • Develop understanding and appreciation of the social, ethical, legal, political, and economic environment of business.
  • Promote appreciation of the civic and social obligations of business managers.
  • Develop understanding and appreciation of business in its international context.
  • Equip students to respond to the demands of business in a changing technological environment.
  • Create a professional attitude and provide the foundation for professional competence in a chosen career specialization.

Where Do I Start?

The business program includes studies in three major categories: general education, the business core, and a major field of specialization. The first two years (60 credit hours) of business students' academic program is spent in the Basic Business program.


Minor In Business!

Want your destination to be a major success? Get a minor in business! A minor in business will compliment whatever degree path you are on and make it more valuable.

A minor in business consists of:

  • ACCT 3720
  • BMGT 3510
  • MKT 3400
  • FIN 3210
  • LAW 3810

Students must complete ECON 2010-20 for the social science component of their general education requirements or as general electives.

Start now by contacting the College of Business Student Success Center at 931-372-3371, or come by room 107.

Related Programs

In addition to our business majors, the College of Business works with several departments across campus that offer programs of study with a business component in their curricula. These include:

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