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Accounting International Experience

Tower BridgeIn 2011,Tennessee Tech's Department of Accounting began offering an opportunity for Accounting students to study international accounting and business and to include a visit to the United Kingdom during Spring Break as part of their educational experience. The course allows a student to earn three credit hours from a combination of classroom preparation and international travel. This has been offered each Spring since 2011 and is another example of the diverse opportunities offered by the Department.Big Ben

  • The trip is chaperoned by a minimum of two Accounting Faculty members.
  • The trip lasts for 8 days.
  • Funding for travel is provided by the University, with the remainder being provided by the students.
  • Applications are available at the beginning of the Fall semester and are usually due by mid-October.
  • The experience includes a mix of visits to manufacturing facilities, university campuses, accounting firms, as well as cultural sites such as Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, and many other activities.

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