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Decision Sciences and Management

Welcome to the Department of Decision Sciences and Management. Our department is an academic unit of the College of Business at Tennessee Technological University. We seek to educate business leaders who are capable of making lasting contributions to business and society and who are also skilled in using an interdisciplinary approach to decision making in an increasingly global and technology-dependent business environment.

Whether you desire a career with computer giant Apple or have an entrepreneurial spirit, a degree in Business Management will give you the tools to chase your dreams. The degree offers endless possibilities upon completion; graduates have started their careers in all types of business imaginable, from small local family owned companies to multi-billion dollar multinational corporations.

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"What I like about my professors is that they're always there to help us."

"It prepares you for the real world."

"You really get a lot of real life experience with all your group projects."

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The department offers the Business Management major with a choice of five concentrations:

General Management

General Management is the science of getting people and resources together to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. It can include things like planning, organizing, staffing and, most importantly, leading. General Management graduates obtain positions in administrative services management, lodging management, management consulting, meeting and convention planning, non-profit and community services administration, retail and food services management, project management, and property and facilities management.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management helps an organization make the best use of its most valuable asset: its people. The Human Resources function helps an organization select the best employees, develop them to meet their full potential, and reward them in ways that foster individual and organizational success. Human Resource Management graduates are hired in a wide variety of organizations including financial institutions, health care providers, manufacturing companies, and consulting firms. Entry-level jobs include recruiters, compensation analysts, and human resource assistants.

Production/Operations Management

Production & Operations Management is the management of processes and operations used by businesses in the production of their goods and services. It is the study of efficiency and effectively. Manufacturing plants are the main employers of production/operations management personnel, but many service organizations, including health care organizations and banks, also hire graduates as operations analysts or quality and productivity analysts.

Business and Information Technology

Business and Information Technology students use information technology to solve business problems. This requires more than technical skills. Our program also emphasizes work place skills like business concepts, critical thinking, communications, working with people, project management, and thinking strategically about technology. BIT students receive a degree in business management, so they can pursue a career that emphasizes either business or technology. Graduates often work as business applications developers, systems analysts, project leaders, database and network administrators, business consultants, and information systems managers.

Business Analytics and Intelligence

Business Analytics and Intelligence use data to better understand the business. Businesses have progressed through the stages of developing databases, information retrieval systems, reporting tools, and decision support systems. Businesses are now demanding analysis of their current state and a look to the future to predict outcomes of alternative strategies. This is the role of Business Intelligence and Analytics. The curriculum in this concentration focuses on combining an understanding of information technology with solid foundation in statistics, analytics, and economics to prepare students for this rapidly growing field.

***The department houses two distinguished professorships in the state’s program of chairs of excellence allowing universities to attract eminent faculty and individuals of national and international prominence as chairholders. In the department is the J.E. Owen Chair of Excellence in Management Information Systems held by Dr. Tor Guimaraes, a scholar of international distinction. In addition, the department has the W. Eugene Mayberry Chair of Excellence in Quality and Technology Management held by Dr. Curt Reimann, senior scientist emeritus of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and retired director of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. This distinguished position is named in honor of Dr. W. Eugene Mayberry, retired chairman of the board of governors of the Mayo Clinic.

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