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Study Abroad Program

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The following is a brief overview of the programs available:

ISEP International Student Exchange Program

  • ISEP-Exchanges - reciprocal exchange programs which are open to students at member institutions; each outbound participant pays the cost of an academic term (tuition, room, and board) at home while, for every student sent abroad, the institution receives one in return.
  • ISEP-Direct - fee-paid study abroad programs which are open to students at member and affiliate institutions; students pay a fee to ISEP, which covers the host institution's program cost.

Magellan Exchange

The Magellan Exchange is the most popular program at Tennessee Tech. It is an opportunity for students to study in another country at an affordable cost. It is affordable in that students pay their usual tuition and fees to their home institution. It is an exchange program in that effort is made to ensure that an equal number of students go out from an institution as come in to it in any given year.

NRCSA (National Registration Center for Study Abroad)

Students can study languages through the immersion method during the summer, semester or year with a great number of countries to choose from. The program fee usually covers tuition, housing with a host family and a certain number of meals per day.


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