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Career Opportunities

Graduates initially work as junior members of a team in carrying out economics research projects needed for making various business decisions. In most cases the project will be a type of impact study of potential decision/policy options. For multinational corporations and government agencies, the typical economic analysis will include incorporation of social, political, and cultural factors. For such large organizations, each entry level employee is given an opportunity to develop a specialization area with respect to either business sectors (industry specialist) or geographical regions (“country desk” specialist, specializing for example, in Southeastern United States or Latin America).

Placement Opportunities

In the mid-state region of Tennessee, placement locations include:

  • Local, regional and state planning and development offices
  • Commercial banks
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
  • Nashville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Provident Insurance
  • J.C. Bradford and Company

Position Titles

The following are common position titles held by Economics graduates:

Entry Level:

  • Junior/Assistant Economist
  • Economic Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Analyst
  • Management Trainee

Advanced Level:

  • Economist/Senior Economist
  • Director of Economics or Research Division
  • Vice-President for Research

What is THE Economics PROGRAM?

Economics Curriculum

The economics program is a popular undergraduate major for those interested in attending graduate or law school. The most important qualities necessary to succeed in the program are the abilities to think logically and to adapt to a changing environment. Most organizations with global activities prefer applicants with one foreign language proficiency.


Get Involved!

Society for the Advancement of Finance and Economics (SAFE)

This organization in the College of Business is open to all students interested in a finance or economics major. Letters concerning the organization are mailed to students who have declared such majors, but interested freshmen and sophomores are also welcome to join. Activities include guest lectures, a fund-raiser, and social events. The society also helps coordinate the internship program. Tutoring is made available through members of this organization.

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