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Career Opportunities

The Finance curriculum is designed to enable the student to successfully gain initial employment in the areas of banking, real estate, insurance, investments, financial planning, and financial management.

The following are common position titles and associated job responsibilities held by finance graduates:

Commodities Trader: Manages a firm’s risk exposure to commodity price fluctuations by buying and selling the commodity for the firm.

Bank Management Trainee: Trained in all facets of the operations of a bank. Training program usually lasts 12 to 18 months.

Bank Examiner Trainee: Trains for the examination process of state banks through state bank examiners or federal banks through the FDIC.

Insurance Claims Representative or Sales Representative: Functions in the area of claims adjusting and sales training.

Real Estate Agent: Sells or manages real estate.

Stockbroker: Develops client relationships and provides brokerage services regarding stocks, bonds, and U.S. Treasury securities.

Placement Opportunities

The following firms have hired our Finance graduates:

  • Federal Reserve
  • First American National Bank (AmSouth)
  • Third National Bank
  • First Tennessee Bank
  • FDIC
  • State Farm Insurance
  • C N A Insurance
  • Farm Bureau
  • Various Real Estate Firms

TVA Investment Challenge

TTU Finance students have the unique opportunity to participate in the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Investment Challenge program in which undergraduate and graduate students work together as a mutual fund team to invest and manage funds provided by TVA. In 2002, Tennessee Tech’s team of student investors and Professor Deryl Martin were commended for producing a total return of 46% (13.4% annual rate) on $100,000 over a three-year period, an achievement that ranked them 2nd among 19 participating colleges and universities. The current portfolio is in excess of $400,000.

What Is THE Finance PROGRAM?

Finance Curriculum

The curriculum in Finance offers a program that will assure sound preparation for those who expect to pursue professional careers in finance, as well as in other businesses. The program is designed to provide a solid understanding of the financial decision-making process with special emphasis on computer-assisted decision making.


Get Involved!

Society for the Advancement of Finance and Economics (SAFE)

This organization in the College of Business is open to all students interested in a finance or economics major. Letters concerning the organization are mailed to students who have declared such majors, but interested freshmen and sophomores are also welcome to join. Activities include guest lectures, a fund-raiser, and social events. The society also helps coordinate the internship program. Tutoring is made available through members of this organization.

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