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What is COOPERATIVE Education (aka Co-op)?

It's a voluntary, independent education program available for all undergraduate and graduate students in all academic areas. Work experience is gained with an employer who offers learning opportunities related to a student's academic discipline. The program provides careful supervision with timely evaluation of performance, attitude, and ability of the student on the job. Co-op can provide a realistic evaluation of career choice along with the opportunity to earn a supplemental income to aid with college expenses. The goal is to help students grow and improve their capabilities and prepare them to be successful in the workplace.

Who is Eligible to Participate in the COOPERATIVE Education Program?

Students must meet the following requirements: minimum 2.5 overall GPA (must be maintained while in the program) and sophomore status; full-time student status; must complete one semester at TTU prior to completing a co-op application; transfer students from another college/university must complete two full semesters at TTU prior to applying for co-op opportunities.

Co-op Plans

There are four co-op scheduling plans available:

  1. Plan A - Student works full-time for an employer for 12 months.
  2. Plan B - Student works alternate semesters at the employer's site (work, return to school, work, etc.)
  3. Plan C - Student will attend college and work approximately 20 hours per week for the employer.
  4. Plan D - Summer only assignment (two or more summers)

Employers may specify in advance that students have completed certain courses prior to the co-op assignment.

The co-op hiring process is competitive. Students must go through an interview process with the employer.

Students participating in the co-op program must register and enroll in one credit hour for each semester of their assignment. This does not count toward graduation requirements.

How can the COOPERATIVE Education program benefit your organization?

  • Reduction in cost of recruitment and training personnel
  • Selection and education of quality students who could become permanent employees
  • Observation and evaluation of students' on-the-job performance before the possibility of offering permanent employment
  • Elimination and/or reduction of time needed to train new graduates
  • Retention rate is higher among co-op students who become permanent employees

To become a co-op employer, register for a FREE TechWorks account, complete the Co-op Employer Information form and fax to (931) 372-6154, or e-mail Ashley Kabakci.