Center for Career Development

Healthcare Fair Employer Information

Healthcare Fair 2019 - March 14th from 11am-1pm

Healthcare Fair 2019 is a great way to meet the upcoming class of healthcare professionals that include nursing, biology, chemistry, pre-professional and other majors.

A standard registration fee of $125 will provide brunch for two (2) representatives. Additional brunches are available for $20. Employers will be assigned tables on a first-come, first-served basis by registration date. Select Premier Provider item to your registration for added visibility.


  1. Login to Handshake.
  2. Select "Fairs" under the "Campus" heading.
  3. Search for "Tennessee Tech".
  4. Select and register for the Tennessee Tech Healthcare Fair.
  5. Fill out all information and select your payment option.

Healthcare Fair Sponsor Packages

  • Premier Provider Sponsor - $250
    Premier booth location, company name on the Center for Career Development website, and on student marketing materials

Cancellation Policy

There will be no refunds after the registration deadline of March 4th. Organizations that do not attend and do not cancel before this date will be responsible for the full amount. All cancellations received will be acknowledged. Payment is expected within 7 days after the event.