Center for Career Development

Co-op Checklist

How Do I Apply for a Co-op Assignment?

  1. Visit the Center for Career Development so we may help you begin searching for job opportunities, participate in on-campus interviews and career fairs, and have your resume viewed by potential employers. Completion of your Handshake account is required and will take approximately 5 minutes.
  2. Make sure you are ready to move from college to the workplace by completing the Career Readiness Certificate. This program is strongly encouraged for all cooperative education applicants.
  3. Accepted a co-op? Schedule an appointment with the Center for Career Development to complete your Co-op Orientation.
  4. Successfully complete on-line sexual harassment prevention training. To access the training, log into your Eagle Online account, click on the Student tab, and click on the EverFi Haven Training link. Print out proof of completion and bring a signed copy to the Center for Career Development.

Students Leaving for Work Assignment

  • Cooperative Education Orientation - You must attend a co-op orientation prior to leaving for your assignment. Be sure all required paperwork is turned in to the Center for Career Development.
  • Registration - Contact your academic advisor to obtain your alternate pin to register for the applicable co-op course using Eagle Online.
  • Stay on track and on time for graduation by reviewing the Online Graduation Application deadlines.

Cooperative Education Courses

Register for the co-op course appropriate for your assignment. If this is your first time leaving for a co-op assignment and you are an undergraduate, register for COOP 2010. If this is your first time leaving for a co-op assignment and you are a graduate student, sign up for COOP 5010.

1st Semester - COOP 2010

2nd Semester - COOP 2020

3rd Semester - COOP 2030

4th Semester - COOP 4010

5th Semester - COOP 4020

6th Semester - COOP 4030

Graduate Level - 1st Semester COOP 5010

Graduate Level - 2nd Semester COOP 5020

Graduate Level - 3rd Semester COOP 5030

Graduate Level - 4th Semester COOP 5040

Graduate Level - 5th Semester COOP 5050

Graduate Level - 6th Semester COOP 5060

After selecting your course, be sure to go to the links at the bottom of the screen and check your schedule, account summary/confirmation, etc. You must make fee payment by the due date to the Bursar's Office by Echeck, VISA, MasterCard or Discover.

  • Enrollment at Another Institution While on Co-op Assignment - TTU has developed course equivalency tables with the Tennessee Board of Regents community colleges. These tables ensure that the courses as shown in the published equivalency tables are equivalent and meet the standards for transfer to TTU in the relevant major. The "Request for Extension or In-Residence Study at Another Institution" form is not required for these TBR community colleges but is required for all other schools. This must be approved by your academic advisor to find out if the transfer credit meets the requirements for your degree.
  • Campus Post Office - Pick up and complete a Change of Address form or use the U.S. Postal Service web site.
  • Verification of Student Classification for Family Insurance Coverage - Contact Records and Registration (931) 372-3319 and they will assist you.
  • Residential Life - If you are currently living in the Residence Halls, notify the Residential Life office (931) 372-3414 that you have accepted a co-op assignment.

Reports/Forms Required While on Assignment

All forms are available on the Co-op Forms page for your use.

  • Preliminary Report - Required for the first semester. Mail within one week after reporting to work.
  • Term Report - Required for each semester you co-op. Use the Term Report Outline as a guide. The term report must be emailed to the Center for Career Development by the due date ( Complete the Term Report Cover Sheet and attach it with your Term Report. DO NOT FAX your report!
  • If you are unable to submit your report by the due date, complete the Term Report Receipt and submit it to the Career for Career Development. Your Term Report or Term Report Receipt must be received by the due date. Otherwise, a grade of "Unsatisfactory" will be assigned for the semester. A student receiving two "U's" will be dismissed from the co-op program.
  • Employer's Evaluation of Co-op Student - This form must accompany your Term Report by the deadline date. NOTE: There is an evaluation form for engineering majors and one for all other majors.

Students Returning to Campus from Assignment

  • Exit Interview - Required by the end of the first week of classes. While on assignment, your Handshake account is placed in an inactive status. Be sure to have your Handshake account reopened for use prior to graduation. Call (931) 372-3232 or email with questions.
  • Campus Post Office - Check your campus mailbox to ensure an accurate and complete transition from your co-op address.
  • Residential Life - Contact the office of Residential Life at (931) 372-3414 if you wish to live in the Residence Halls after returning from your assignment.