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Center for Career Development

Gold Career Readiness Application

Part Three Instructions

Step One 

Visit Career Spots by clicking the button below.

Career Spots

Step Two

Select the "Career Ready" channel from the 3 buttons at the top of the screen.

Step Three

Select "Career Ready" from the menu on the left of the screen.

Step Four

Watch all 9 of the following videos from Career Spots:

  • Career Readiness is - 2:54
  • Career Management - 4:20
  • Communications - 4:41
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - 4:15
  • Digital Technology - 4:31
  • Global/Intercultural Fluency - 4:22
  • Leadership - 3:46
  • Professionalism/Work Ethic - 4:05
  • Teamwork/Collaboration - 4:09

Total Time: 39:58

Step Five

After watching the videos, answer 8 questions by clicking on the button below. Your responses must be submitted to count.




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