Constitution Day

Nolan Fowler & Elaine Fowler Palencia Annual Constitution Day

2005: "How Thomas Jefferson's Wall of Separation' Redefined the Constitutional Relationship Between Church & State."  Dr. Daniel Dreisbach, American University

2006: "Now More than Ever': Expanding, Protecting and Contracting Civil Liberties in Wartime." Dr. Mark Graber, University of Maryland

2007: "The 2nd Amendment: Inalienable or Obsolete?"  Dr. Joyce Malcolm, George Mason University

2008: "Patriotism: Salute the Flag or Burn It?"  John Seigenthaler, First Amendment Center, Nashville, Tennessee

2009: Freedom Sings, a Musical Program of the First Amendment Center.  Nashville, Tennessee

2010: "Laughing at our Leaders: The impact and importance of political humor in democratic life."  Dr. Danna Young, University of Delaware

2011: "The Post-911 Decade: In Which the United States if Forced to Re-evaluate the Tension Between Liberty and Security."  Dr. Richard A. Glenn, Millersville University

2012: "Constitutional Change on the Ground: Selecting the President."  Robert Bennett, Northwestern University School of Law

2013: "The Second Amendment in the 21st Century."  David Kopel, Denver University Sturm College of Law

2014: "Civil Rights and the Constitution." The Honorable Alberto Gonzales, former Attorney General of the United States

2015: "Free Speech in the 21st Century." Dr. Leslie Kendrick, University of Virginia School of Law

2016: "Advocating for Same Sex Marriage in Obergefell: Thoughts on How Equality in Marriage Led to Marriage Equality."  Scott Hickman of Sherrard, Roe, Voight & Harbison Law Firm

2017: "After Philadelphia: 'The Voice of the People' and the Rowdy Origins of the Constitution."  Dr. Lorri Glover, St. Louis University