College of Arts and Sciences

Scholarships & Awards

When you apply to Tennessee Tech, you will have the opportunity to complete an application form for a University Academic Scholarship (UAS). The UAS can potentially cover full payment of your maintenance fees. Residents of Tennessee pay no tuition. On the scholarship application form or university application form there will be a place where you check your anticipated major. If you check Chemistry major, you will receive consideration for an additional scholarship for incoming freshmen. Even if you do not obtain the UAS scholarship, you still may qualify for one of our Chemistry freshmen scholarships or pre-professional scholarships. If you remain in that major in subsequent years, we also have numerous upperclassmen scholarships for which you may qualify. You must apply for these scholarships ANNUALLY by the published deadline each year, regardless of whether or not you were previously awarded a scholarship.

Click on Undergraduate or Graduate to explore the list of scholarships that are available to students majoring in Chemistry and/or the Health Sciences Pre-Professional Program. Several awards are often made within each endowment. For more information, please visit the TTU Scholarships site.