College of Arts and Sciences

Instrumentation Resources

Our department has an excellent array of instrumentation for teaching and research. These instruments have been acquired through the funding of federal grants, donations, and College expenditures. The following list represents the majority of our instrumentation holdings and dates of acquisition.

Gas Chromatography

2006 Varian CP-3800 Gas Chromotagraph

Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectroscopy

2007 Varian CP-3800 GC with Saturn 2200 Ion Trap MS

Liquid Chromatography

2010 Mettler Ion Chromatograph

2006 Varian ProStar HPLC with PDA

Liquid Chromatography / Mass Spectroscopy

2007 Waters UPLC - QTof Premier Mass Spectrometer

2007 Varian 1200 LC/MS/MS


2009 B&W Tek i-Raman Spectrometer

2008 Attenuated Total Reflectance Module for FT-IR

2008 NanoDrop-1000 Spectrometer

2008 Thermo Iris ICP

2006 FLUOstar OPTIMA Luminometer

2005 Varian 3100 Excalibur FT-IR

2003 ThermoElemental Solaar S Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

2002 Cary Eclipse Spectrofluorimeter

2001 Cary 3E UV-visible spectrophotometer

1997 Bomem MB-Series FTIR spectrometer

1989 Cary 1E UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

1999 Varian Mercury VX 300MHz NMR


2009 Spectrotech ST360 work stations

2009 Spectech UCS Spectrometer

1999 Wallac Guardian 1400 Liquid Scintillation Counter

1993 PERALS spectrometer with DATAVIEW

1992 Packard Cobra Auto-Gamma Counter

1983 Nucleus Model 500 scaler with GM tube, 3

1987 Nucleus Model 5000 analyzer with 2" NaI(Tl), 2

1982 Nucleus Model 5030 Alpha Spectrometer


2008 Agilent Bioanalyzer (uTAS)

2000 IEC refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge

1995 Milton Roy Gensis 5 spectrometer

1994 Inova Environmental Shaker

1994 New Brunswick Sonicator


2002 CH Instruments 628A Electrochemical Analysis System

1987 EG&G/PARC Electrochemistry System


2006 21100 Tube Furnace

2005 Magnetic Susceptibility Balance

1999 Labconco controlled atmosphere glove box