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Chemistry students have a variety of goals for their future. Some wish to prepare for graduate study and future research careers, while others plan to seek immediate employment or advanced study in other scientific or technical fields. Recognizing this, we offer three paths leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry:

Pure Chemistry Concentration

B. S. in chemistry for students preparing for a career as a professional chemist or for graduate study in chemistry. This curriculum exceeds the minimum requirements for degree certification by the American Chemical Society.

Applied Chemistry Concentration

The applied chemistry concentration leads to a B. S. in chemistry. Multiple options are available within this degree program. There are six options to select from: Business Chemistry (with a +1 year option of an MBA), Environmental Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Health Sciences Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and Chemistry. The last option is used to create an interdisciplinary option of specialized interest, such as Geochemistry.

Biochemistry Concentration

The Biochemistry concentration leads to a B. S. in Chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry. This concentration is for students whose interests lie in careers at the biology/chemistry interface. This concentration is popular with students with the goal of attending a graduate professional school (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, etc.) and students that desire to pursue graduate (MS or PhD) study in bio-related disciplines.

ACS Certification

The American Chemical Society promotes excellence in chemistry education for undergraduate students through approval of baccalaureate chemistry programs. ACS-approved programs offer a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education that gives students intellectual, experimental, and communication skills to become effective scientific professionals. The Pure Chemistry concentration exceeds the minimum requirements for a certified degree, but the Applied and Biochemistry concentrations are also certifiable by taking a number of specified courses beyond the basic curriculum.

For advising information contact:

David J. Crouse
Office Location: Foster Hall, Room 313
Phone: (931) 372-3515

The M.S. Chemistry degree is a one to two-year program of study comprised of course work and thesis research that prepares graduates for successful scientific careers in industry, academia, or government service, or to continue their education in a doctoral program or professional school.

Graduate Advisor Contact Information:

Dr. Andrew Callender
Office Location: Foster Hall, Room 410
Phone: (931) 372-6273

The Doctor of Philosophy degree program in Environmental Sciences at Tennessee Technological University offers a concentration in either biology or chemistry but emphasizes the solution of complex environmental problems using an interdisciplinary approach. Course work is required in biology, chemistry, geology, agriculture, and sociology. This interdisciplinary approach insures that students become aware of a wide range of environmental concerns and that their research includes a breadth of environmental understanding beyond the boundaries of a particular discipline. The goal of the program is to prepare students for careers in research, management, government service, teaching, and other areas where they can make productive contributions to the solution of environmental problems.

Graduate Advisor Contact Information:

Dr. Hong Zhang
Office Location: Foster Hall, Room 333
Phone: (931) 372-6325

Selections within the Pre-Professional Health Sciences program (abbreviations):

  • Pre-Dental Hygiene (PDHY)
  • Pre-Health Information Management (PHIM)
  • Pre-Dentistry (PDEN)
  • Pre-Medicine (PMED)
  • Pre-Medical Technology (PMT)
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy (POTH)
  • Pre-Optometry (POPT)
  • Pre-Pharmacy (PPHA)
  • Pre-Physical Therapy (PPTH)
  • Pre-Physicians Assistant

Select the following link for our Pre-professional Health Sciences Program which will give more information on our non-degree programs at Tennessee Technological University. The purpose of these programs is to provide the undergraduate coursework that satisfies the professional school admission requirements for each of these program selections.At some point, if you are working towards a BS degree, you'll change your major to a program that grants the BS degree, however, you will not lose the advising offered by the pre-professional health sciences program, you'll simply gain an additional advisor in your chosen discipline.

For advising information contact:

Ms. Ann Marie Carrick or Ms. Janet Coonce or Mr. Thomas Turner
E-mail: or or
Office Location: Foster Hall, Room 205
Phone: (931) 372-3093