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Kline Undergraduate Research Endowment

ABOUT Eugene A. Kline and Ruth A. Kline Undergraduate Chemistry Endowment:

This research scholarship supports basic research in order to help students develop essential skills in better preparing for a variety of careers.

This research scholarship was started in appreciation of the many good relationships the Klines had with the students, faculty, administrators, and staff on campus and in the community. It is also in honor of their many students who worked hard to succeed.

Eugene A. Kline started at Tennessee Technological University in 1973 as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry. He became advisor to the Chemical Medical Sciences Club in early 1974. He became the chairman of the department’s scholarship committee in the mid-1980’s and became a health professional advisor in 1990. Ruth Ann Kline taught at Tennessee Technological campus school from 1974 until it closed. She went to teach at Northeast Elementary until 1997 when she retired with a total of 34 years of teaching in several states. The Kline’s daughter, Natalie, was graduated from the University and went to pharmacy school.

The current award is for $3,500 which includes a stipend of $2450 ($1225 Fall 2018; $1225 Spring 2019) for the student, $525 for chemicals and supplies, and $525 for instrument purchase/maintenance to support the applicant’s research experience during the fall and spring semesters. 

The next submission deadline for this endowment is October 12, 2018.

  • Must be a current undergraduate student in good standing with current institutional policies.
  • Must be a chemistry major who may have a strong interest in a career in a health science.
  • Must be selected on the basis of merit of an original research proposal.
  • Must be sponsored by a member of the research faculty in the Department of Chemistry.
  • Must have completed 8 semester hours of organic chemistry (CHEM 3010 and 3020 or equivalent). The scholarship may be offered in the spring, pending successful completion of both courses by the following fall or before using the scholarship funds.
  • Must choose a professor who is willing to oversee the student’s work in his or her lab.
  • Must provide progress reports as requested by the Chemistry Department Research Committee.
  • Must provide a final written report. The report will cover the progress made toward the research proposal. If the student does not reach the final proposal, the report should include an explanation of why.
  • The scholarship may be renewed if the current recipient receives a satisfactory progress report on research conducted in previous years.


  • A 2018-2019 TTU Scholarship application on ScholarWeb
  • An original research proposal written according to the requirements for the TTU Student Research Grant Program
  • A one-page essay discussing the applicant’s educational and professional aspirations
  • Financial budget for the proposed research (estimates for student stipend, supplies, chemicals and instrument maintenance

All completed applications should be forwarded as a single PDF via email to Dr. Zuanzhi Zhan ( by the deadline indicated above.

For more information please contact Dr. Zhan or go to: