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The Student Research Grant program was established during the Fall 2009 semester to stimulate student research in the Department of Chemistry at Tennessee Tech University. This student focused program is financially supported from the proceeds of in-house published laboratory manuals.

Student Research Grant Committee:

Student Research Grants are a part of the Student Research Program which is managed by the Student Research Committee: Dr. Jesse D. Carrick (chair) . The committee evaluates student written proposals and recommends the most competitive applications for funding based on scientific merit, overall quality, and proposed budget.


Undergraduates, first-year M.S. students, as well as first-year EVS Ph.D. students whose primary research is being conducted in the TTU Chemistry Department may submit a proposal for funding consideration to the Student Research Grant Committee. Undergraduate proposals receive first priority towards funding.

Application Process:

The Student Research Grant application package must include one original of the following:

1) Cover page (Including your name, title of proposal, your advisor's name, and the submission date)

2) Proposal (doubled-spaced, font size of 12 or higher). The overall format for the proposal is open, but it should contain the following sections: Introduction (or Background), Objective, Methodology, Project Description (or Research Plan), Summary, etc. Previous results, if applicable and relevant, are encouraged to be included. Example Submissions

3) Budget Form (available on downloadable from the TTU Chemistry website)

If a proposal is not selected for funding the student is encouraged to revise, improve, and resubmit the proposal before the next submission deadline.

Application Deadlines:

During the 2015-16 academic year the committee will accept student proposals on or before the following two dates: Friday, October 16, 2015 and Friday, January 29, 2016. The completed application package should be submitted electronically as a single PDF file via email to Dr. Carrick,, before 5 p.m. CST on the due date listed. The copier in the Chemistry Department office (FH 219) can accomplish this. Applications submitted late or incomplete will not be considered.

Funding Guidelines:

Currently, the maximum grant amount is $ 1,200.00. The faculty mentor will manage and facilitate the use of funds according to the budget provided. All award amounts not exhausted by August 1, 2016 (10/16/15 awardees) or December 15, 2016 (1/29/16 awardees) will be forfeited.


It is the belief of the committee that a grantee should be accountable for the funds that were used to support the research endeavor. However, the proof of such accountability could take various forms. Presentation of the work at the TTU Student Research Day, a local, regional, or national meeting for the discipline in which the research was conducted, publication of results in a journal of the faculty mentor's choice, or submission of a written summary of what results were obtained, if the research project proved unfruitful, would all satisfy this requirement. It is the expectation of the committee that such a dissemination of results be completed in a period of time no longer than one year from the time the research was initiated. Submission of a copy of an abstract or written summary should be submitted electronically to Dr. Carrick once the research is to be presented.

Student Research Awards

Undergraduate students who received a grant, carried out the proposed research, and fulfilled the dissemination of results requirement shall be eligible to receive a Student Research Award. This recognition includes a certificate and cash award to be presented during the departmental banquet at the end of the Spring semester.