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Do you love Chemistry? I mean is Chemistry what makes you "tick?" Come learn why Chemistry is called the central science. Learn how you can get involved in undergraduate research and get to know others who share your love of chemistry. The student affiliates are not only a cohesive group of chemistry majors, but a group active in outreach as well. After all, we want to inspire others to study chemistry as well, don't we? As a member of SMACS, you'll also have the opportunity to become a student member of the ACS (graduate or undergraduate), the largest organization in the world dedicated to a single discipline. You'll also receive a subscription of the weekly magazine, Chemical and Engineering News. The many other benefits of membership (as well as a lot of great chemistry resources) can be found at ACS Student Affiliates Contact Dr. Dan Swartling or Dr. Amanda Crook for more information.


President: Kelsey Richards

Vice President: Shikha Amin

Secretary: Ashley Barnes

Treasurer: Andrew Wilson

Fundraising: Victoria Rand

Education Outreach: Mattie Monroe

Green Chemistry: Matt Mifflin

Social Chair: Shana Murphy