College of Arts and Sciences

Chemical-Medical Sciences Club

Are you interested in a professional career? Do you aspire to become a physician, a dentist or dental hygienist, an optometrist or pharmacist, or one of many other medical professionals? If this is your goal, then you simply must be a member of the Chem-Med Club. This club puts you in touch with the professionals you need to know if you are interested in a professional career. Medical professionals visit the Chem-Med Club meetings and share the ins and outs of their profession and help you understand what it takes to be successful, and what it takes to get into a professional graduate program as well! The club meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. in Foster Hall, Room 233. Contact Ms. Ann Marie Carrick or Ms. Janet Coonce for more information.

Officers for April 2018 - March 2019:

President: Seth Crum,

Vice President:  John P “JP” Duncan,

Secretary:  Maryo Toma,

Treasurer: Drew Smith,

Historian:  Jason “Kyle” East,