College of Arts and Sciences

Why Study Chemistry?

Chemistry is the central science and a background in chemistry can lead to a multitude of careers. Many careers are things you may not have thought of before now. For example, who do you think makes toothpaste a paste? Who makes slow release fertilizer, slow release? A Formulations Chemist, that's who! Chemists are at the center of just about everything - and that's why Chemistry is called the central science. A degree in chemistry also prepares you for a large number of graduate programs in the chemical or closely related sciences. Most students at Tennessee Tech earning degrees in Chemistry typically go on to MS or PhD graduate programs or Professional Schools. However, you don't have to go to graduate school to begin a career as a chemist. The American Chemical Society has many excellent articles that demonstrate the breadth of careers undertaken by chemists and the impacts they have on humanity. Explore this website and see for yourself how many awesome possibilities a background in chemistry may have for you!