Speech and Debate Team

The Fall 2016 Tennessee Tech Debate Team includes (front, from left) Sarah Brandt, Leah Derryberry, David Sutherland, Angela Jones, coach Graham Kash, (middle row, from left) Cody James Houff, David Dockery, Alex Smith, Lucas Patterson, (back row, from left) Jonathan Adams, Justin Hilliard, Ryan Goke, Ethan Hall and coach Jacob Metz. Photo courtesy of Photo Services

Win Arguments and Persuade Others

The award-winning speech and debate team travels to various universities to compete. Students gain experience in public speaking, a fundamental part of the Communication Studies program. For more information, contact the following coaches:

Speech and Debate Showcase

The team holds showcase debates throughout the semester and encourages the Tech community to attend. A recent showcase discussed whether individuals who are famous for seemingly no reason (ex. the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, etc.) ought to be idolized. The team and attendees reflected on the social effects of such fandom.


Download the full list of individual and team awards.

In The News

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