What's Special about Tech's Program?

As much as we hate to brag, we have a hard time finding a Tech graduate out of work. So if one measure of the worth of the program is the ability of its students to land jobs, then Tech is right at the top. Most students have jobs lined up before they leave.

Others are on the job within a month. Why are Tech grads so successful in landing jobs? Students are educated so that they are capable of working in a variety of areas. If students have interests in public relations, broadcasting or sports, for example, the courses and experience offered in these areas prepare them for other positions in journalism and mass communications. After completing most of the course requirements, the graduate can work as a reporter-photographer, a copy editor, a business publications assistant editor, etc. Tech grads have a reputation for being experienced.

The Tech graduate has a reputation for being not only educated in the classroom, but also as a person experienced in working on a newspaper, reporting, editing, selling advertisements, or working on a radio station announcing and spinning discs.

Journalism Majors

Journalism: Is this title important? When prospective employers look at Tech grads, they see Journalism majors. Is this important? Just ask people in management positions in mass communications. They'll tell you that one of their biggest problems is having people on their staff who can't write or speak plain English. Tech's Journalism majors promise employers instant relief for one of their major headaches!

But why not drop in on us some day when you have time and talk it over with some of the students now enrolled at Tech?