Do you just want to get your feet wet?

Introduction to Broadcast Journalism is set up to teach you the ins and outs of broadcasting while giving you the chance to go to the board yourself. How would you like to hear your own voice on the radio?

Are you a PR person?

Our public relations courses give you opportunities to make decisions about real cases and problems. Plus, you'll have an automatic internship when you take Public Relations--giving you valuable experience and real-life applications for your work.

Do you like to take pictures?

Fundamentals of Photography gives you the opportunity to take photos of your friends, to critique the quality of professional work, and to learn the basics of lighting and composition.

Considering Coursework

These are just a few of many exciting courses available! Is design your thing? Sign up for Publications and Production Design courses for magazine or newspaper design projects that will challenge you to create the most innovative layouts. Start out with Introduction to Mass Communications and see what you think. You'll learn about media trends, journalism ethics and legal issues. Choose between a beat on the newspaper or a shift on the radio. Students who serve in managerial or editorial positions for The Oracle, the Eagle, or WTTU-FM are also paid a modest monthly salary.

Working on campus sometimes allows you to set your own hours. Most campus employers insist you keep your schoolwork first at all times.

Jobs are out there for Tech students. Working on campus is another way to prepare for life after college. Your prospective employers will appreciate your experience. Like most college students these days, Tech students help pay their own way through college in a number of ways.

Some of the students in Journalism at Tech are currently employed on campus as resident advisers, newspaper editors, computer center helpdesk workers and magazine editors. Others work in departmental offices, in the cafeteria, grill, deli and library. Many students work off-campus in restaurants, retail stores and businesses.