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Digital Humanities Minor

This fifteen-credit hour minor is ideal for students who wish to explore how the quantitative, computationally-engaged research methodologies of the STEM fields can enhance their understanding of central problems in the humanities.

The Digital Humanities Minor is a joint effort of the departments of Foreign Languages, Geology, Computer Science, History, and the Volpe Library.  

Requirements for the Minor

Two required courses:

  • DH 2030 Intro to Methods of Digital Humanities: An introduction to the interdisciplinary scholarship, theory, ethics, and practice of digital humanities.
  • CSC 2220-Data Science and AI for Everyone: Introduction to how data science and artificial intelligence are used in industry and academia. Students will be introduced to what data science is all about; how statistics, machine learning, and software engineering play a role in data science; and be introduced to some of the terms and tools used by data scientists. Students will learn about the structure of a data science project, what makes for successful and unsuccessful projects, and take part in a data science project. Students will also be introduced to artificial intelligence and its application to real-world problems.

Plus 9 credit hours from the following options:

  • MATH 3070-Statistical Methods I
  • POLS 3000-Data Analysis
  • CSC 3220-Fundamentals of Data Science
  • HIST 3430-Digital History
  • HIST 3420-Archives Management and Research
  • GEOG 4510-Theory of GIS I
  • GEOG 4511-Theory of GIS II
  • GEOG 4210-Cartography
  • ART 2340- Computer Aided Drafting for the Artist
  • PC 3750-Ethics in the Professions


Please contact Troy Smith, Associate Professor, History


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